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How To Fight Manga 

The latest chapter of How To Fight Manga is out, and it features a new character, Yoo Ho-bin. As the last man in the ranks of the Iljin, Yoo Ho-bin decides to fight on his own, despite his lack of experience.

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Naver is producing how to fight manga and it’s available on Naver Comics. You can follow the latest chapter of the manga by checking out Naver’s official site.

Yoo Hobin is a Complete Amateur In The World of Fighting

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Yoo Hobin is a high school student who wants to become a professional wrestler. He watches videos on NewTube of other aspiring fighters and follows their advice.

Soon, he is knocking out stronger opponents and earning more money than he could have ever imagined. However, this journey isn’t all smooth sailing. In this manga, Hobin must face many obstacles and learn to be patient.

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Despite his amateur status in the world of fighting manga, Yoo Hobin’s motivations are often driven by money. In his videos, he’s focused on earning as many subscribers as possible.

Then, he starts studying video editing. His skills impress him, so he asks his newfound friend why he wants to collaborate with him. Bomi is watching Hobin’s videos and gets jealous of him.

Holyland is a Brutal Manga About Street Fighting

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The title may sound like a bad thing, but this manga is actually quite good. It focuses on a street thugs’ life as they struggle to earn a reputation.

As a result, the storyline is realistic and does not rely on superpowers or unrealistic attacks. Holyland is a fantastic read that has realistic characters and a storyline that is very satisfying. 

You’ll love this manga, and you’ll feel proud to call yourself a fan of street-fighting!

As the story progresses, we see the characters growing up. Yuu, a high schooler, starts to make enemies and becomes famous in the streets.

He is known as the “Thug Hunter” by other street fighters, but he’s more of a prey than a hunter.

We’ll follow Yuu’s journey to become a street fighter as he fights against thugs and gangs.

Hajime no Ippo

In Hajime no Ippo, the protagonist is Ippo Makunouchi, a featherweight champion of Japan.

He was once a weak child who was often picked on by his schoolmates, but he managed to get his body in great shape by helping his mother with her fishing business.

After meeting Mamoru Takamura, the gym owner, Ippo is introduced to boxing and the sport. While he was unsure of how to fight, he was inspired by his new coach and started training with him.

In his early days, Ippo was not afraid of his opponent’s power, and he was not scared of being a boxer.

Although he was shy and did not like being attacked, he was not afraid of letting anyone know that he could fight, and it was not until later on that the bullies turned out to be his biggest fans.

Observing his opponent’s moves and devising counterattacks helped him gain the upper hand.

Takemitsu Zamurai

The popular Japanese samurai how to fight manga Takemitsu Zamurui is a story about a ronin named Senou Souichirou who exchanged his sword for a bamboo blade.

The story revolves around the ronin’s life as he tries to make a difference by opening a school for the local children. He also pawns his sword in order to save his slave.

The tone of the Takemitsu manga is quite lighthearted and easy-going. It is more like a slice-of-life manga, following the life of Senou Soichiro as a ronin in Edo and his eventual discovery of his past.

While this manga isn’t as action-packed as Kenshin, it doesn’t lack in characterization.

Goku vs. Vegeta

The anime “Dragon Ball Z” features the epic battle between Goku and Vegeta. It has the pacing, animation, and fight choreography to rival any movie.

Although the fighting is a bit slow in the anime, it starts out well and is quite an endurance match.

Vegeta and Gohan aren’t the only characters from the Dragon Ball series to battle, so the series has other great characters that make the fight even more epic.

To prepare for the epic battle, both characters take similar stances.

Goku is deeply invested in the angel Ultra Instinct style, while Vegeta’s true strengths lie with the God of Destruction techniques.

Moreover, the balance between Destroyers and Angel attendants is exemplified by Whis and Beerus. If Goku was to fight Vegeta with top-level angel Ultra Instinct, it would be the battle of their lives.

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